By Iwona Fodrowska

Iwona has been enjoying the benefits of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU). Here, the associate shares her experience, six months in.

"As a Knowledge Transfer Partnership associate, my journey so far has been both challenging and rewarding. KTP is a unique program that acts as a bridge between theoretical knowledge from academia and practical application within a business to facilitate knowledge exchange and drive innovation.

"In my role as a Strategic Marketing and Business Innovation Project Lead for Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS), it is a privilege to be a part of organisation that makes a significant difference in the community. By understanding the needs and aspirations of the community, we can tailor our marketing strategies to reach a broader audience. Enhancing the business innovation within Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service will enable us to continuously improve our services, ensuring it is aligned with the evolving needs of the community. The KTP project allows us to explore new approaches, technologies, and partnerships that enhance the organisation’s effectiveness with the support of academics from BGU.

"My role as a KTP associate is crucial in helping LCVS achieve its goals. This journey involves intensive research, analysis, and problem-solving. My academic background has provided me with a strong foundation to understand complex concepts, but the KTP program allows me to expand my knowledge further and apply it to real-world challenges. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a KTP associate is witnessing the impact of our work. The influence that this project will have on the organisation’s operations, efficiency, and competitiveness will be transformational. Seeing our ideas and solutions come to life and positively influencing the organisation has been truly gratifying. The best part is that this project aims to deliver a meaningful contribution not only for the organisation itself but the community as a whole.

"During the last six months, I have undertaken a marketing audit to thoroughly evaluate and identify opportunities for improvement in marketing and communication. I have been looking at enhancement of marketing systems and processes, with a primary goal of ensuring they are user-friendly and accessible for all staff members. Operational improvements have been implemented to effectively utilise marketing opportunities and foster engagement with the entire community. The project also aims to develop a community benefit specifically within the East Coast Lincolnshire region. To support this objective, connections and engagement have been established with caravan owners, creating a mutually beneficial relationship. Overall, the KTP project aims to establish strong foundations for the Lincolnshire Voluntary and Community Service. These foundations will serve as a solid base for future initiatives.

"The KTP program has already helped me to grow both in my professional skills and personal development. The program's dynamic and challenging nature has pushed me outside my comfort zone, encouraging me to develop resilience, adaptability, and effective communication skills. These invaluable traits will undoubtedly support me in future endeavours and contribute to my long-term success. Furthermore, the personal development budget provided by the KTP program offers a fantastic opportunity to expand skill sets and provide necessary tools needed for the project. Having access to a personal development budget allows me to pursue training programs, attend conferences, workshops, or seminars, and even enrol in courses or certifications that align with my career aspirations and project objectives. So far, I have attended a Digital Marketing Masterclass at Ashorne Hill Management training. In September I will be attending a KTP Associate Storytelling conference and I am in the process of completing a Senior Leadership Apprenticeship.

"I am excited to see what the future holds and how the project evolves into something truly amazing. The KTP program has laid a strong foundation for my future, and I am ready to embrace the limitless possibilities that lie ahead."

If you are interested in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, please contact Linette Wallace E:

28th June 2023