Richard D' Amelio, Psychology and Special Educational Needs & Inclusion (SENI) student at BGU, recently had the opportunity to present his research alongside fellow SENI student Sara Gorman at the International Conference in Education.

Titled ‘Emotional and Behavioural problems in primary students: The importance of early diagnosis and assessment’, the research was well received and, following their presentation, they were able to build research connections and craft interesting ideas on future projects with colleagues at universities from Japan, the UAE and Egypt.

For Richard, this was an unforgettable experience and he explained how his time at BGU had prepared him for both it, and the next steps he plans to take after graduating:

“Three years ago, as I sat contemplating what university life may be like, expectations and aspirations always returned to the same theme; ‘I want my degree to be the gateway to special educational needs and inclusion research in the international arena.’ I believed, and still do, that obstacles and concerns facing special education are a global issue, and equally, a global response is required to address these issues through the exploration of the diverse cultural responses to SEN and dissemination of best practice.

I am both pleased and proud to report that the opportunity to engage with a BG research internship culminating in an international conference involving this very theme, surpassed many of my dreams and I need to thank my SENI tutor for this.

Most memorable was the opportunity to connect with international colleagues from Germany, the UAE and China, and the exciting experience of working alongside other presenters making last-minute improvements to their work in the hotel lobby with twenty minutes to go.

The presentation itself? Yes, all those hours of preparation and practice in front of the mirror, and occasionally the dog, poor thing, appeared to pay off, and despite the natural anxiety involved in a debut presentation to international academics, our research was so well received, that the smile of accomplishment lasted for days. Ultimately, it was a privilege to represent BGU within the international research community.

Throughout this experience, I often reflected upon the six BGU graduate attributes and was keen to demonstrate these attributes through my conduct and contributions. However, one attribute was especially relevant, one which is dear to my heart, through engaging with the project and conference, I became a fully-fledged Bishop Grosseteste University Global Citizen.”

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19th July 2018