Although the month was its usual cold and damp self, we were delighted to announce that our University community, spear headed by our Health & Social Care team had successfully been accredited with the Lincolnshire Carers Quality Awards for providing outstanding support for Carers at the University.

Accepting the accolade, Leanne McHugh, Lecturer in Health & Social Care who led the push for the award, discussed her feelings of pride:

“It is amazing to see what started as a simple conversation grow and become embraced so quickly by the University community. The whole process has been incredible.

Highlighting the unpredictability of life as a carer was the core aim of our project with our main goal being that all carers at BGU, both staff and student, would be able to access support when they needed it.

Ultimately this is about so much more than winning this award. We want to make sure that our efforts have a positive, long term impact on the BGU community and with the help of our colleagues and I truly believe we’ve achieved that”

You can read more about the award and the work to achieve it by clicking here.