Throughout October, Bishop Grosseteste University hosted a month-long programme of free events to celebrate Black History Month.

The events included academic lectures, story-telling session and exhibitions that highlight the contribution of Black poets, educators, activists, athletes amongst others during this global month of celebration.

Each of these sessions were designed to be educational, but also to engage and entertain in different ways while challenging received ideas and knowledge and were available to staff, students, guests and the wider public via live-stream where applicable.

Dr Sheine Peart, Reader in Access, Equality and Inclusion and Project Lead for Black History Month at BGU, said:

“As we reach the end of October I would like to offer some personal reflections on Black History Month at Bishop Grosseteste University 2021 which has been a resounding success in countless different ways.

“The month-long programme of events was planned by a multidisciplinary University wide team and from the outset the ambition was (borrowing words from the BBC charter) to entertain, educate and inform while at the same time celebrating the multiple ways the global community has been enriched by contributions of people’s from the African diaspora. Benefiting from the skills and knowledge of University colleagues and invited contributors, each event fed into this ambition and provided new insights to the participating audiences while simultaneously honouring the common bonds which unite us and engaging with the challenges which confront us.

“Through poetry, music, song, film, thought-provoking talks and story-telling sessions the audience learned of the ways Black peoples had enriched local, national and international communities including the innovative education strategies of Beryl Gilroy (the first Black Headteacher in London) and the ways the Reverend Sonia Baron in her work with the national government is currently challenging inequalities in work based and other spaces to provide better opportunities for everyone.

“BHM at BGU will return in 2022 with another programme of events which will be open to students, staff and the wider public. We look forward to welcoming you to our next celebration and invite you to keep watching for future announcements.”

29th October 2021

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