Helen Swaby, Lecturer on the undergraduate Counselling programme and MSc Mental Health, Wellbeing and Resilience has recently published a book titled “Sexual Crime and Intellectual Functioning”.

Co-edited with colleagues from Nottingham Trent University and led by Kerensa Hocken, who is a registered Forensic Psychologist in HMPPS Midlands Psychology Service, the book draws on expertise from clinical practice and applied research.

The book is part of a series, with each volume exploring a specific field of research within the area of sexual crime. Thus far, this has included sexual crime and prevention, religion, experience of imprisonment, Circles of Support and Accountability and trauma.

Speaking following publication Helen discussed the themes explored in the book along with who might find it a useful resource:

“This book explores the theoretical and historical background to the interest in links between sexual offending and intellectual functioning as well as the assessment of intellectual functioning in prison. Interventions for low intellectual functioning, autistic spectrum and personality disorder are explored and the book offers a rare insight into the phenomenon of high IQ and sexual offending - a much neglected aspect of the sexual crime literature. It further offers an extraordinary insight into the experiences of a person of superior IQ in the criminal justice system for a sexual offence.

The book is relevant not only to psychologists, criminologists, social workers and students, but also to practitioners, researchers and the general public with an interest in learning about sexual offending and intellectual functioning.”

You can get your copy of the book by clicking here..

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