Dr Mark Charlesworth, Programme Leader for Geography, is contributing to facilitation of a 'Catholic Diocesan Sustainability Transition Framework for England and Wales' to allow the Catholic Church to become better 'Guardians of Creation' via a generalisable framework for sustainability transition in the Catholic Church.

The framework will be implementable at the diocesan level. It will cover the practical elements of sustainable change, like carbon accounting and environmental management within a diocese. It will also engage with issues relating to the social and theological aspects of sustainability in the Catholic Church. The project is developing this framework over a two-year pilot case study of sustainability transition in Salford Diocese. The lessons from the Salford project are being translated into a toolkit that any other diocese can use.

Mark is focusing on the technical and data acquisition aspects of the project but also has theological insights to offer such as on ecological virtue. He says:

"As part of my ecumenical and inter-faith research and civic engagement I am delighted to be contributing to this exciting project aiming to put Laudato Si into practice via 'integral ecology', ecological virtue, the wise use of the latest technology and innovative management ideas."

You can read more on the project and its goals by clicking here.

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