Phil Nicholson, PhD student at Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU), is enjoying a double celebration having presented his newly published work at the European Early Childhood Education Research Association (EECERA) conference.

Phil Nicholson graduated from his undergraduate degree in Education Studies and Sport last July, won a studentship for his PhD studies at BGU (supervised by Dr Emma Pearson and Dr Caroline Horton), and has already published his academic work.

The article, Play-based pedagogy under threat? A small-scale study of teachers’ and pupils’ perceptions of pedagogical discontinuity in the transition to primary school has been published in the academic journal, "Education 3-13", which is an International Journal of Primary, Elementary and Early Years Education.

Following its publication Phil also had the opportunity to present it at the 2018 EECERA, which took place at the end of August in Budapest. Despite being nervous about presenting to such a well-informed early years international audience he thoroughly enjoyed the experience:

“I am delighted with how the presentation went and found the questions and discussion that followed it extremely informative.”

Dr Caroline Horton, PhD Programme Leader at BGU, was full of praise for Phil for and explained why it was no surprise that his work was proving such a success:

“We are delighted that Phil has been able to continue his studies at BGU. He demonstrates a critical and detailed approach to his research, coupled with a highly conscientious approach to his studies, which makes him an ideal doctoral candidate.

“Phil conducted an insightful investigation as part of his undergraduate dissertation research, which has been shaped into his recent publication.”

Dr Pat Beckley, Senior Lecturer in the School of Teacher Development at BGU, also presented a paper at the EECERA. Her focus was Comparative strategies and family approaches in supporting children’s literacy learning in selected settings in England, Norway and Uganda, and she chaired a symposium based on early years literacy, including papers from Swedish and American colleagues.

Phil Nicholson’s paper can be accessed here and if you would like more information on the research opportunities available at BGU you can find it on our website, or by contacting our Enquiries Team.

21st September 2018