Perceptions of Death in Collective Memory: Numbers | Spaces | Texts

Project & Collaboration

Dr Sibylle Erle, FRSA, FHEA (Reader in English Literature), Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln

Dr Makrina Agaoglou (Postdoctoral Researcher), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Institute of Mathematical Sciences (ICMAT), Madrid

Sophie Ungerer, FHEA, ARB (Senior Lecturer & Architect), University of Brighton

Phase 1: Completed.

We have submitted a proposal to present our work at Academic and Creative Responses to Death and Dying, organised by the Chaplaincy at BGU.

Phase 2: Collaboration

This collaborative project has been an inspiring journey into new territory for all three if us, bringing together a mathematician, an architect and myself, a Reader in English Literature. I am still scared of numbers, but I am getting better at reading graphs and listening to my colleagues. This collaboration has brought us together. We started breaking down complex ideas for each other and in return learned to look at our disciplines from a new angle. We are not afraid to push back and insist on what we feel passionate above. We are now playing to our strengths, and we are having fun!

Why collaborate? I work on William Blake and my chosen field of research is well established. I enjoy trying to break new ground and make new connections between ideas and different fields of research.

I am good at making connections between ideas that might seem unexpected but often flourish. I am also good at underestimating myself.

When things go wrong, sometimes it is difficult to draw a line (let go) and move on.

To make it work there needs to be openness and respect between colleagues, trust in cooperation, determination, focus, persistence, and excellence. As we are moving into the second phase of our project, I am excited to explore where our collaboration will take us as a team and me personally.

At BGU Blake and Death are taught as part of the Romanticism, Young Adult and Children’s Literature modules (Undergraduate English Programmes – joined and single honours) and the MA Children’s Literature and Literacies strand of the MA English Literature.

15th February 2022