A book has been published by academics at Bishop Grosseteste University which encourages students and teachers to develop a vision for the role and purpose of primary education.

Values and Vision in Primary Education has been edited by Kathleen Taylor, a visiting tutor at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln, and Dr Richard Woolley, Head of the Centre for Education and Inclusion at the University of Worcester.

The book is published by the Open University Press priced £22.99 and was launched at Bishop Grosseteste University on Tuesday 9th July.

“Against a backdrop of government initiatives and strategies it is essential that teachers have a vision for the roles and purposes of education,” said the editors.

“This book provides teachers and student teachers with the scaffolding to develop reflective practice as they journey towards an evolving philosophy of education.

“It offers a unique perspective on the applied philosophy of education that is not found in any other text.”

Values and Vision in Primary Education features contributions from a number of educators who have worked in primary initial teacher education at Bishop Grosseteste University on subjects including creativity, play, problem solving, technology and belief.

12th July 2013

12th July 2013