Our Enterprise Development Manager, Sarah Moseley caught up with one of our Virtual tenants Stephen Allen, proprietor of Acorn Glass and Glazing, and asked how the pandemic had affected the business.

"I have traded for 21 years, and the glass side is all carried out externally at other people’s property so that will, as the new normal develops, continue."

Stephen added that he had recently set up Acorn Medical Services which offers medical cover for events and First Aid training.

"I’m keen to promote the training side and there will be a big push on this in 2022.

"If it wasn’t for BG Futures, my only other option would be to run everything from home. That to me, does not present a professional front for the business. It might work for some, but not for me. Acorn Medical Services certainly could not be run from home as the facilities enjoyed at BG Futures far outweigh anything I could provide myself."

Stephen’s advice for start-ups:

"Research, research, research. Get to know your suppliers, competitors, and your customer base.

"There is nothing wrong in approaching a competitor as a customer. That way you either get tips on how to deal with an enquiry, or you get an instant lesson on how not to win a customer!"

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2nd February 2022