On Saturday Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) is hosting the third session in a series of exciting mathematical masterclasses for students nominated by local schools.

Organised by the Royal Institution of Great Britain these mathematics enrichment activities for local Year 9 students are part of a national network of masterclasses run by local volunteers, who are current or former mathematics teachers in Lincolnshire.

So far the classes have seen 35 students working on a series of hands-on mathematics tasks related to constructing ellipses (led by BGU’s own Dr Elizabeth Kimber) and investigating the magical capabilities of mathematics led by Dr David Crawford.

Following these illuminating classes the masterclass programme will continue on Saturday 17 March with a special session focusing on ‘The power of 2’, led by Dr Vinay Kathotia.

Through a mix of play, group work, pattern-recognition and proof, the Power of Two masterclass takes a modern view on an ancient mathematical problem. It weaves together number systems, past and present, empowering students to explore how mathematics can help model and make sense of our world.

Elizabeth Kimber – Programme Leader for Mathematics at BGU - is a keen supporter of the masterclasses and was delighted to be able run one on campus:

“Mathematics is an incredibly diverse and invigorating subject. These masterclasses are a perfect opportunity to bring the wonder of the subject to curious minds and I am proud that BGU could be a part of that”.

Do you know someone who would enjoy taking part in these classes next year? You can find more information on the Royal Institution website. Alternatively, students can ask their mathematics teachers about the masterclasses.

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16th March 2018