Taking breaks is simple right? Stop your work, grab a cup of tea and scroll through apps on your phone. Easy. Done. Back to work.

But if you’re being honest with yourself how many of those breaks left you feeling refreshed. Did you return to your work energised? Or did it feel like you hadn’t taken a break at all?

Effective Breaks are a vital part of keeping us positive and productive, especially when lone or remote working, so here are our tips for getting the most from your breaks:

  • Keep breaks little and often
    • For example, you could try to get up and away from your workstation every 30-40 minutes
    • This will get you moving before you get tired and stressed which will hopefully help keep you positive about the work you’re trying to accomplish
  • Try to take breaks when your productivity is at maximum
    • Don’t wait until you can’t concentrate anymore
    • It’s easier to keep your mind focused and your body energised if you’re not already tired
  • Try and do different things on your breaks, don’t just scroll through your phone
    • Ideally try and do something completely unrelated to your work
    • For example, reading a book or catching up with the other people at home with you
    • Keeping your activities varied will aid our concentration and your brain time to recharge.
  • Keep your break movements varied
    • This will force you to use different muscles
    • This will allow the muscles you use during work (for example your eyes, neck and shoulders) a chance to recharge.
    • In addition it will give your brain a chance to recharge as well.

What are your tips getting the most from your breaks? Send them to us at marketingteam@bishopg.ac.uk and we’ll share them in future articles.

6th April 2020