Tracey Kilcoyne, BAPE/PTS Placement Lead & Senior Lecturer at Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU), is aiming to raise over £1000 for Cancer Research by participating in the Charity’s 'Walk all over Cancer' challenge this month.

Those undertaking the ‘Walk all over Cancer’ challenge need to travel 10,000 steps everyday throughout March by walking, running, cycling, exercising, or any other physical activity. Tracey is currently storming her way through challenge and has already covered over 50,000 steps.

As she reached the end of her first week of walking, Tracey shared her motivation for taking part:

“I didn't know this until recently but Cancer affects 1 in 2 of us in someway in our lifetime. This has had significant impact on my family over the last 3 years. Without going into details Cancer Research has been part of my family's life for a while now and without the amazing discoveries in research into Cancer those affected may not have had hope, early diagnosis, treatment or a even a cure. So I wanted to give something back and contribute to this important charity so that this life-saving work continues.

I had set myself a modest goal of raising £150 but already I have smashed this and am aiming to raise £1K so anyone willing to donate to Cancer Research can do so through my fundraising pages. I will be tweeting and posting on Facebook daily about my aches and pains, the songs I listen to and the beautiful views I encounter on the way. If anyone living in my area spots me out and about walking with my dogs give me a wave or a pip of the car horn.

I am following COVID guidelines and staying local by walking the roads and bridle paths surrounding my home, as I am lucky enough to live in a very rural location just outside of Newark. It's not too late for others to sign up and take part in the challenge and join me to create a TEAM walking in our respective areas. Alternatively, words of encouragement on social media or even ideas for walking playlists would also be appreciated.”

You can support Tracey’s efforts through her general fundraising page or her Facebook fundraising page.

You can also follow her on twitter and send messages of support with #walkallovercancer and #10000stepsaday.

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