Decorating Christmas trees is a classic festive activity in the UK, and this year the BG Futures team decided to extend an invitation to international students to experience decorating a Christmas tree.

Sarah Moseley, Enterprise Development Manager, said: “It is lovely to see international students back on campus and what better way to enter the festive season than to participate in the British tradition of decorating a Christmas Tree.”

Cassie Rainey, Careers, Employability and Enterprise Advisor, added: “None of the students had previously put up a Christmas Tree and they did a far better job than I have ever managed!

“On a serious note, I appreciate our building can be intimidating to our students, so hopefully this helps to ease any doubt about coming in and using the space. The BG Futures building – like any other building on campus – is a student space first and foremost!’’

Jenny Jenkins, BG Futures Administrator was on hand to welcome Danling, Jianxin and Rongrong and hear about their visit to the Lincoln Christmas Market and their plans to return to experience the Ferris Wheel at night.

Jenny said: “I’m delighted that our invitation for tree decorating was accepted and hope that this becomes an annual event. In fact, we intend to create a photo bauble so that those who put the tree up are featured in future years.”

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10th December 2021