Dr Claire Hubbard-Hall, Programme Leader for Military History and the MA in Social and Cultural History at Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU), has been appointed as a Medmenham Collection Trustee by the Medmenham Association.

The Medmenham Association was formed in 1946 from those that worked at RAF Medmenham, the allied photographic intelligence unit, during the Second World War (you can find an overview of activities at RAF Medmenham during the war by clicking here). The Association members formed a museum and archive of photographic intelligence, which was then transferred into a charity, the Medmenham Collection.

Women made up half of the workforce at Medmenham, and included Winston Churchill's daughter. Unusual for the time, they were treated as equals, and appointed to roles based on their ability.

The majority of trustees for the Medmenham Collection are drawn from serving and retired military intelligence officers. However, the board of trustees felt that the board needed additional expertise outside the military and that an academic with a background in intelligence research would enhance the Board’s expertise.

Gp Capt Paul Stewart MBE, PhD, RAF (Retd), speaking on behalf of the collection, explained why they had been keen to appoint Dr Hubbard-Hall to the position:

“Dr Claire Hubbard-Hall, who has supervised a PhD on RAF Medmenham and has extensive knowledge of Second World War intelligence studies was considered to be an ideal candidate for a trustee position."

For Dr Hubbard-Hall, who specialises in Second World War Intelligence History, the appointment is timely to her endeavours to shine a brighter light on the role and contribution of women in intelligence:

“As an intelligence historian specialising in the Second World War period, with a particular focus on women, it has been an honour to be asked.”

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Header image - A photographic Interpreter at Danesfield House studies plans and photographs of a BMW factory with the use of a stereoscope.

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