An independent feature film shot on BGU campus and across Lincoln will start its UK cinema run at Everyman Lincoln on Tuesday 24 May, 7.30pm

Mind-set a comedy/drama directed by Mikey Murray won Best UK Feature Film at Manchester Film Festival in March 2022. The film features actor Steve Oram known for film roles such as Sightseers, and TV such as Dr Who, End of the F***ing World and Killing Eve. Protagonist Lucy is played by American actor Eilis Cahill and they portray a couple, Paul and Lucy, whose relationship is tested due to their insecurities and being stuck in a house together.

23rd May 2022

UK Film Review commented: “Performances are great across the board and the direction is bold and captivating”, giving the film four stars.

Mind-set centres on Lucy, a disillusioned office worker who has a dysfunctional relationship with her slovenly partner Paul, and is surprised to find herself on the cusp of a none-too-secret affair with her new work colleague, Daniel. The thrill of the chase for a shred of affection takes her mind off her problematic life but she's not sure that she'll ever leave Paul, or that a love affair with someone else is the true answer to her problems.

Executive Producer, Angela Waddell, Library Assistant at BGU, said: "BGU really got behind our film and the scenes we shot on campus are crucial to the film.

“We filmed in the Peace Garden, Constance Stewart Hall and the walkway on the BGU campus. The city of Lincoln was integral to our movie as the community really supported us. We shot the majority of the film in our home in the West End of Lincoln and used a variety of locations throughout the city.

“Many residents helped us; from Park Riding School who kindly let us film with their horses, to friends and neighbours who hosted cast and crew in their homes.”

The actors fell in love with the city; Steve who plays Paul commented, “I’d rather go to Lincoln than L.A. because I think it is more interesting.”

Eilis Cahill, an actor based in New York said of her time in the city: “I loved it. Lincoln is a really gorgeous city and really friendly. I loved walking up to the Cathedral after shooting each day.”

The film features cameos from Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter franchise) and Julia Deakin (Spaced), and features Scottish talent Robin Laing and Pauline Lynch (Trainspotting), who plays office worker Sue.

Steve Oram said of the film: ‘The characters are very relatable but there is a darkness that runs throughout. I was interested in making a film that showed what real life is like. I liked the humour and pathos of it; two people living together and misfiring but trying to be affectionate.”

Mind-set will be shown at Lincoln Everyman Cinema – Tuesday 24 May, 7.30pm. Tickets can be booked at: