At the start of 2020 Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) was delighted to be a awarded a Carers Quality Award by Every-One, the carers’ charity. Just over a year on from that achievement, the “fantastic work” of those involved in carers support at BGU has seen the award re-accredited for a second year.

The teams driving carers awareness and support have been working on a number of innovative initiatives over the last year including:

  • Carers passports
  • Pull up carers banner
  • Carers pin badges
  • Carers newsletter (which has a number of opportunities for staff and students to get involved)
  • Carers videos have also been produced with staff and students highlighting the support offered by the carer’s community at BGU

The goal of all of these initiatives has been to promote a Carers community where inclusivity of staff and student carers is a priority as Leanne McHugh, Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care at BGU, who leads the overall project, explains:

“Having a robust system in place where annually the 5 standards of the Carers Quality Award are reviewed ensures the sustainability and longevity of the projects. This was the first year we have been through the re-assessment process where evidence was required against each area of the standards criteria. As the carer’s initiatives have grown from strength to strength, we welcomed this opportunity.

Being offered this platform to share our developments and new initiatives since our first recognition enabled best practice to be shared with others, building network of Carers support across Lincolnshire.”

And the group’s efforts, in addition to achieving re-accreditation, also received high praise from Julie Goy, Quality Development Lead

What fantastic work you continue to do to support Carers at BGU, just amazing

To find out how you can get involved with the ongoing Carers projects at BGU, contact Leanne McHugh at

To find out how you can create your own successes in our collaborative learning community, visit our website, speak to a member of our Enquiries Team or join us on one of our Open Days.

Leanne Carers Award