Exploring the Magna Carta at BGU Lecture

The President of the International Co-operative Alliance will give a talk about the Magna Carta at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln to mark the 800th anniversary of the signing of the famous document.

Dame Pauline Green will use her lecture on Wednesday 29th April to draw parallels between the Magna Carta and the modern co-operative movement.

The Magna Carta is credited with laying down the core principles of British democracy, and its influence spread around the world as emerging nations searched for an equitable and just governance system.

Democratic principles also lie at the heart of the co-operative business model developed 600 years after Magna Carta by a group of mill workers in Rochdale. The ‘Law First’ of the Rochdale Pioneers spawned a modern model of business that has reached all parts of the globe.

Dame Pauline Green is the first female President in the 120-year history of the International

Co-operative Alliance. She was elected in 2009 and re-elected for a second term in 2013.

In her lecture she will argue that the co-operative movement is the best ever initiative for taking people out of poverty with dignity that the world has ever seen, and one of the UK’s most enduring exports.

The lecture will take place at 2pm on Wednesday 29th April in the Robert Hardy Lecture Theatre at BGU. The event is free and open to everyone, and refreshments will be served.

To book your place contact Jessica Lyons by calling 01522 583681 or by emailing jessica.lyons@bishopg.ac.uk.

22nd April 2015