Level 6 students on the Early Childhood Studies course at Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) got to explore Relationship, Health and Sex Education in the Early years thanks to a guest lecture by Catherine Kirk of the RSHE Service.

Organised as part of their 'Issues in Early Years’ module, the interactive session encouraged the students to discuss their memories of RHSE training from school before exploring this topic in relation to the early years.

Catherine Kirk is an industry expert with over 20 years’ experience in RSE including leading development in two local authorities. She is also the founder of #RSEday, and current part-time RSE consultant for Nottingham City Council. Samantha Hoyes, Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies at BGU, helped set up the event and discussed the importance of students getting to interact with industry leaders:

“The ‘Issues in Early Years’ module is all about broadening our student's knowledge of the early years and some of the current issues and themes in the sector. Catherine has over 20 years experience in RSHE and is currently involved in a range of projects around this topic, making her an ideal candidate for the students to learn from.

Catherine’s session was really positively received by the students who enjoyed how interactive it was. In fact several of them have also continued to research the area further and are now covering this as their issue in early years.

External speakers both enhance our modules and allow students to consider their own future career opportunities. Already this year we have welcomed a very experienced reception teacher in to talk about assessment in the early years and the upcoming changes, as well as a local Health visitor to enhance our health and wellbeing module and we look forward to offering more talks as the year progresses”

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