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Dr Beth Hellen, the new Systems Librarian at Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) in Lincoln, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Gay Times Honours.

The Barbara Burford Gay Times Honour (Excellence in STEM) celebrates excellence in science, engineering and technology. Beth has been selected as part of the nine-strong shortlist.

While working as a postdoctoral researcher Beth initiated several projects designed to increase the visibility of LGBT people working in STEM fields.

She created the LGBTSTEM blog that highlights researchers, scientists and engineers from across the world who identify as LGBT+. It aims to provide role models and to show to students that they can achieve anything regardless of their sexuality or gender identity.

As a result of this work Beth created the LGBTSTEMinar. The LGBTSTEMinar is a conference and networking opportunity for LGBT people in STEM fields and their allies. No similar conference had been attempted in the UK before. After two years at the University of Sheffield it will be moving to the University of York next year.

The Gay Times Honours will take place at the National Portrait Gallery on Saturday 18 November 2017.

1st September 2017