Solertia is available as a hard copy and online at:

This first edition features papers from different portfolios within the Faculty (i.e. Initial Teacher Education, Arts, Humanities and Applied Social Sciences, Education, Health and Lifelong Learning).

This initiative, driven by the Faculty in collaboration with the Centre for Enhancement in Learning and Teaching as well as Library Services, will showcase students’ work and in some instances act as a springboard for emerging research careers in addition to signalling BGU’s maturity as a research provider.

The first edition features contributions from six students: Freya Louise Robinson, Simon Willoughby, Jenny Sullivan, Thomas Barton, Ryan Eccles and Paul Robinson.

Dr Sacha Mason, Head of Programmes for Education, Health and Lifelong Learning, said: “We are delighted to share ‘Solertia’ as a refreshed journal with a wider scope than its predecessor which represents an important landmark for research and knowledge exchange at BGU. The name Solertia is from the Latin word meaning cleverness, skill, resourceful and Bishop Grosseteste himself used it in his epistemology to describe that moment when the light flashes in your mind and you instantaneously get something or have a profound insight which is ultimately the aim of all learning.”

15th December 2021