Bethany Hills, a 2020 Education Studies & Psychology graduate from Bishop Grosseteste University, has written an article for Alopecia UK discussing her research project which explored the impact of support charities on parents of children with alopecia.

You can read a short excerpt below and can read the full article on Alopecia UK

Why did you decide to do this research?

The semester before I started my Psychology dissertation, we had to do a pilot study in health psychology. During this module, I realised I could have done mine on Alopecia but was too late to change my idea. When it came round to thinking of ideas for my dissertation, I wanted something that I was interested in as well as something that had a personal connection. I started writing ideas down and the two that stood out to me was mental health and Alopecia, so I decided to combine the two topics. I also have someone very close to me who has Alopecia and have seen the amazing work Alopecia UK have done so wanted to incorporate them into my project too.

You can read the full article by clicking here

24th September 2020

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