BG Futures Enterprise Development Manager, Sarah Moseley, recently met with Denise Popple to learn more about her start up, OUR ECLECTIC ARTS CIC, that gives individuals of all ages and abilities the opportunity to be included and participate fully in the arts.

Denise has over 40 years’ experience of teaching music and is a BA (Hons) Health and Social Care graduate from BGU.

Denise explains “I have been employed for many years in the health and social care sector, working with young people in rehab, supported living and care home residential settings, young people and adults with learning difficulties and those suffering with mental health problems. I am passionate about helping them achieve their goals. I had thought about studying for a degree for years and after a change in personal circumstances decided that it was the right time to embark on the journey. I chose to study at BGU as the location is ideal and the group size relatively small. Any feelings of apprehension about going to university and worrying about being too old or not being able to cope with the work were soon dismissed. I had excellent teaching staff, was made welcome and put at ease. The student group consisted of a variety of ages, and I never once felt out of place. It was a friendly and supportive group. Admittedly at times it was difficult fitting everything in, work, an elderly parent to care for and the ongoing demands of family life; a husband, grown up children and grandchildren! I was determined to get through the whole experience and so pleased I did. I would not have missed it for the world.

"Throughout the years I have used music, art and craft to improve wellbeing, build confidence and self-esteem, enabling people to perform and entertain. I believe that the arts can have a lasting and powerful effect on an individual's health. They can be a fun way to socialise and make friends.”

Denise said “the support I received from Sarah at BG Futures has been extremely valuable and important. It has helped and encouraged me to continue and develop the confidence needed to run my own business. OUR ECLECTIC ARTS is available for anyone aged over 18 years and caters for all abilities. The service is bought to clients whether in their own home, residential or community setting. At present I am concentrating on a 30-mile radius covering Lincoln to Louth as well as coastal areas.

"Regardless of age, if anyone is thinking of starting their own business my advice is to ask for help and advice and to talk through your ideas with friends and family. Do your market research to offer something different and go for it. To encourage others, I always say, if I can do it, so can you.”

Sarah adds “Denise’s market research revealed that there are a limited number of organisations delivering wide-ranging art activities, in the community, to individuals that have difficulties accessing services. OUR ECLECTIC ARTS is dedicated to offering a broader range of activities within the Arts. Denise has a client centric approach and a genuine interest in improving people’s lives. This has been reinforced by choosing to operate as a social enterprise whereby trading profits will be reinvested to do more of this good work.”

For more information about OUR ECLECTIC ARTS contact Denise on

Instagram: oureclecticarts

Facebook: Our Eclectic Arts

If you are a BGU student or recent graduate and are interested in finding out what support is available from the BG Futures team click here.

1st June 2022

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