Dr Julia Lindley-Baker, Programme Leader for SENDI at Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU), has been visiting colleagues at the ICES University in France to promote international collaboration and develop student and staff exchange opportunities.

Meeting with Diane Nicolas, Director of the Languages Department, and Matthieu Brecville, Director of Relations, along with other staff from across ICES Dr Lindley-Baker explored opportunities for forging partnerships and cultural exchanges.

A number of possibilities for BGU students to undertake study with ICES were discussed including Erasmus study placements, traineeships, or subject field study visits. One option that gained particular focus was the residential three week immersion programme run by ICES at their campus in La Roche sur Yon. The course, which offers students the chance to not only learn French but also experience the culture and country, runs in the summer and BGU hope to be able to offer places to students at a substantial discount in the future.

Alongside promoting collaboration, the trip allowed Dr Lindley-Baker to experience French Higher Education first hand:

“It was great to be able to observe teaching across a range of different subjects but especially getting to see one of the French classes for students on their immersion course. My O'level French, grade B, although quite rusty' came in handy. I am very excited about the future opportunities we may now be able to offer our students.”

You can find more information on all the opportunities for exploration offered by the degrees courses at BGU on our website or by talking to our Enquiries Team.

10th October 2019