Last night the ‘Vote100: A Lincolnshire View of Women’s Suffrage’ exhibition opened at Lincoln Central Library.

Designed to bring people together to learn about Lincolnshire’s contribution to the cause of Women’s Suffrage; the exhibition is packed with a collection of original newspaper articles, Women’s Liberation postcards and posters supported by rich and deep research from across the county.

Vote 100 launch-6

Curated by History and English staff and students at BGU – Dr Andrew Jackson, Dr Claudia Capancioni, Elaine Johnson, Sian Hope-Johnson and Jasmine Mills – it examines the input of people from Lincolnshire, set in the context on the progress towards achieving the vote in 1918, and the equalising of the franchise in 1928.

For Sian Hope-Johnson, MA in English student at BGU, being involved in creating the exhibit was a fantastic experience:

“We’ve been able to put together a historical showpiece with a really unique viewpoint that highlights how even small local activities could have a national impact. The history of Women’s Suffrage is very close to my heart, without these women I wouldn’t have the rights I do today, so to be able to work directly on the curation of this exhibition has been incredible.”

Vote 100 launch-19

Louise Woolley, Lincoln Central Library Manager, was delighted to be able to host such an important educational display:

“We were incredibly keen to put together an exhibition celebrating Lincoln’s contribution to Women’s Suffrage and the results of BGU’s work are fantastic. We only expected a small exhibition but the team at BGU have helped us to put on our biggest exhibition ever!”

The ‘Vote100: A Lincolnshire View of Women’s Suffrage’ exhibition is open and free to the public until July 5. Everyone is welcome to visit so make sure you get down to Lincoln Central Library for an eye-opening and enriching experience.

The exhibition forms part of a series of events celebrating important dates in the history of women’s voting rights and the extension of the franchise by #Vote100BGU at Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) and in Lincoln through 2017-18.

You can find more information about BGU’s other #Vote100 events, community activities and exciting range of courses on our website.

7th June 2018