With Results Day next Thursday, everyone at Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) hopes you get the results you need to get into your first choice university, allowing you to sit back, relax and get excited about starting your adventure.

If you don’t get the results you require you may need to go through Clearing, which offers students who have not yet secured a place the opportunity to apply for ones that are still available.

The Clearing process can seem daunting and stressful but the Enquiries Team at BGU are doing everything they can to ensure that process is smooth and hassle-free.

Dedicated Phone Line

Often one of the most comforting things when dealing with unexpected changes is being able to talk directly to someone (rather than filling out online forms or dealing answer machines). That is why from 8 am on the morning of Clearing until 10 pm, members of the Enquiries Team will be manning the phone lines to make sure you can quickly get the support you need.

The Hotline number is (01522) 583698 and through it, you’ll not only be able to get all your Clearing questions answered, but you may also be able to sort a university place for yourself.

WhatsApp Support

If you’re nervous about phoning the Hotline is not the only way to contact BGU to get your Clearing questions answered. You can also directly talk to members of the Enquiries Team through WhatsApp on 07598142383. Just as with the Hotline you can ask any questions you want and may even be able to secure your place through it.

Clearing Open Day

If after Clearing you’re still not confident on where you want to study, or if you’ve decided BGU is the place for you, the University will be hosting an open day on Friday 17 August so you can experience BGU first hand.

Lecturers will be available to give you a taste of what the courses have to offer and you’ll be to access all the facilities available at BGU including accommodation, gym and leisure spaces along with the impressively stocked Library and university archive. Open Day is the best way to learn more about BGU and you can book your place by following this link.

15th August 2018