This June Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) and Creative Rebel CIC are looking to change the lives of the people of Lincolnshire with The Emporium of Dangerous Ideas.

The Emporium of Dangerous Ideas is a learning festival with a difference. It’s spread across time and space, running from the 9th to the 15th of June across Lincolnshire. Unlike most festivals, it isn’t hosted in one place. Instead the activities and events will occur in a range of locations across Lincoln and the surrounding areas.

The purpose of the Emporium is to offer people a chance to really challenge themselves to think differently and to push their own boundaries to enable them to innovate, create and learn but in a variety of different contexts, spaces and places.

‘Dangerous Ideas’ doesn’t mean any kind of physical or mental harm, instead the dangerous idea can be doing something you haven’t done before, taking a chance on an event or activity that challenges you to learn something new or try something different. It’s an exciting way of creating a region-wide conversation about how we think, act, work and live together and what we might want to think of doing differently.

Dr Elinor Vettraino, one of the ‘Agents of Danger’ organising the Emporium and Programme Leader: Business and Enterprise at BGU,

“I am excited to be curating the Emporium in Lincolnshire along with Andy Farenden who curated the fantastic TEDxBrayfordPool event in November last year. We are hoping that this will become a yearly event and will grow and develop into a festival of learning that is inspired and owned by the Lincolnshire community.”

The Emporium is packed with events designed to challenge participants culminating with the ‘Bright Club’, where academics and teachers from across the county will be given training by professional comedians before performing their own stand-up routine.

Spaces are already filling up fast but if there are any Lincolnshire individuals, groups or communities who have missed out on an event, the team at the Emporium will be provide all the support needed to hold a Dangerous Ideas event of your own. Anyone with an event they’d like to try can get in touch with their idea through the contact tab on the Emporium’s website.

Whether you’re attending an event or running one, the agents want to hear from you, if you think you’re dangerous enough that is!

22nd May 2018