Dr Gioacchino Curiello, a scholar from Pisa in Italy, has been awarded a highly sought after British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship worth £250,000 which will allow him to come to Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) as a paid researcher for three years.

Dr Curiello fought off over four hundred other applicants for the annual award in a year when the British Academy described the competition “as particularly tough”. The Fellowship award recognises outstanding early career researchers offering them opportunities to strengthen their experience of research and teaching in a university environment.

Dr Jack Cunningham, Bishop Grosseteste University’s Reader in Ecclesiastical History, mentored Dr Curiello throughout the process and he described the impact the award would have:

“Dr Curiello’s award is not only enormously important for BGU’s research environment, but hugely important for the world of Grosseteste studies in general.”

This award enables Dr Curiello and Dr Cunningham to work together on Robert Grosseteste’s 13th Century work On the Divine Names. During his three years at BGU Dr Curiello will travel to libraries in Paris, Florence, Oxford and the Vatican in order to consult the oldest medieval manuscript copies of Grosseteste’s great work.

Eventually, the end product will be a published critical edition of this highly important book which will make a significant contribution to our understanding of one of the Middle-Age’s finest philosopher-theologians, and possibly Lincoln’s greatest ever bishop.

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20th June 2018