The team at Bishop Grosseteste University Students’ Union (BGSU) have donated all of their food stock to the East Midlands Tri Services Headquarters.

The Tri Services Headquarters houses teams from the region’s police, fire and ambulance services all of whom are working hard to support UK during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The BGSU stock,which consisted of soft drinks, crisps, chocolate and cakes will hopefully go some way to provide them with support in turn.

Abi Rogers, SU Manager, explained why the team were keen to make the donation:

“We wanted to donate our stock to them as a thank you for all they do for the community, not only do they put their lives on the line for us in their everyday job but in the light of the Covid-109 outbreak, they will be facing even more danger and further putting their lives on the line for the community”

The donation was welcomed by the team at tri services who were “taken aback by the gesture” and they ensured it was distributed evenly between the three services. Speaking to Abi afterwards they said:

“It was lovely to be thought of and when we have had a particularly challenging day, it will be nice to come back to the station with some nice treats waiting for us”

You can keep up to date with all of the activities and initiatives at BGSU through their website.

1st May 2020