written by Jo Tolley – BGU Graduate

The event, held in the on-campus BG Futures business and enterprise centre, allowed the current Business tenants to come together over strawberries and champagne to celebrate their successes. The organisations based in BG Futures are between one month, and four years old and are supported by Becky Goodman; Enterprise Development Manager.

Providing the entertainment at the summer social was singer/songwriter, Felicity Turner, who sang some of her own material as well as covers from all genres. The young performer, who is a regular at the Lincoln Teenage Market, said:

“In the future, I would like to make it as a musician and earn from what I love doing. Another plan of mine is to become a music therapist…I believe that music can help everyone…I would love to be able to inspire and help people with my passion”.

Felicity credits BG Futures and the Lincoln Teenage Market for making it easier to promote herself in a safe environment.

From a personal perspective, as a Hot-Desk tenant at BG Futures and a graduate of BGU, I can honestly say the Summer Social was a fantastic way to make connections with a wide range of businesses. On a holistic level, the opportunity BG Futures has given me is invaluable. I have been able to kick start my blog, Written Wheel, and enhance my portfolio. I now have an excellent foundation and great contacts to move forward in my career.

BG Futures has a broad remit ranging from careers guidance and support to enterprise development and application for further study. The BG Futures team take great care of the BGU alumni and provide a bespoke support offer for up to two years after graduation, enabling them to continue to flourish by delivering employability advice and assistance applying for jobs or further study.

The BG Futures team go above and beyond, wanting nothing more than to see people succeed. They have a wealth of expertise, knowledge and experience in careers guidance and business start-up.

The on-campus business and enterprise centre equips new businesses and entrepreneurs with a base for their creativity and includes incubation units, Hot-Desk rooms and Virtual Office facilities. If you think BG Futures team could help you, or to find out more about what they offer, please email bgfutures@bishopg.ac.uk

29th August 2018