A paper by Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) final year PhD student, Jo Cormack, on an application of Self Determination Theory (SDT) has been recognised as among the most requested and downloaded article in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior for the quarter.

Co-authored by Dr Katja Rowell (American medical doctor and child feeding expert) and BGU Lecturer in Psychology, Dr Gianina Postavaru, the paper applies SDT to childhood feeding challenges, in particular exploring how the 'basic needs' proposed by SDT - autonomy, relatedness and competence - can provide a framework for a responsive approach to child feeding.

Speaking after receiving the accolade, Jo explained why the paper was gaining such a high level of attention:

“The paper has generated a lot of interest among clinicians working with paediatric feeding problems (also known as 'extreme picky eating' or 'selective eating'). This is in part because the concepts of responsive feeding and responsive feeding therapy are currently gaining traction in the field, as practitioners explore alternatives to more pressuring and coercive strategies and therapeutic approaches to managing feeding difficulties.”

You can read more about Jo's work with 'picky eating' at www.jocormack.com

The full citation for the article is below:

Cormack, J., Rowell, K., & Postăvaru, G. I. (2020). Self-Determination Theory as a Theoretical Framework for a Responsive Approach to Child Feeding. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 52(6), 646-651.

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