Students were formally welcomed to Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) in Lincoln at a Matriculation Ceremony in October at Lincoln Cathedral.

The welcoming ceremony was established two years ago and has now become an annual event. The ceremony gives both undergraduate and postgraduate students the chance to meet University staff and each other. All newly enrolled students were invited.

The University’s Vice Chancellor, the Reverend Canon Professor Peter Neil, explained: “Matriculation is the term used to describe students’ formal entry into the university. We hope this ceremony serves as a friendly welcome to all those who are starting their studies and that students feel they are becoming a part of the wider university family.”

The ceremony was held in Lincoln Cathedral on Monday 9 October at 3.30pm. For most students this will also be the place of their graduation, thanks to the University’s links with the Diocese of Lincoln.

An academic procession took place, including members of BGU’s academic staff, University Council and officers of the University making a grand entrance. Distinguished county and civic guests were also invited to attend.

The Precentor of Lincoln welcomed students to the cathedral before the Registrar endorsed the pre-signed Matricula roll.

Students were then invited by the Vice Chancellor to ‘share the hand of friendship’ and shake hands with each other to admit them all formally as members of the University.

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20th December 2017