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Classic and contemporary criminological modules

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Course summary

The criminology degree is designed to ensure students graduating from this programme has advanced knowledge and a systematic understanding of the complexities, debates and contradictions relating to the criminological field. At each level of the degree, the student will build upon the previous year’s knowledge and be encouraged to engage in deeper and more critical analysis of the topics under investigation. Questions such as ‘why do men commit more crime than women?’, ‘do prisons actually work?’ or ‘is there such a thing as a ‘victimless’ crime?’ These are the sorts of questions that will be addressed in various modules throughout the degree.

About this course

To ensure knowledgeable and confident criminologists emerge from the programme and into the workplace, engaging, applicable and enlightening subjects will be delivered over the course of the programme by experienced and knowledgeable tutors. Each subject focus will be varied, yet linked, and draw attention to complex issues such as the influence of the media on perspectives of crime, addressing political and social responses to crime, examining crime from a victim’s perspective, investigating both classical and contemporary criminological and penological theory, through to understanding the criminal processes from an offence being committed to punishment in addition to exploring the aims, rationale and instruments of punishment.

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