Whether your accommodation is on-campus or off-campus, a typical student bedroom consists of a bed, desk, desk chair and a wardrobe. A typical student kitchen consists of cupboards, a fridge, a cooker and/or a hob. Each student will be expected to bring or buy their own bedding, towels, and kitchenware.

Here is a list of essential items you will need within your first few days in Lincoln, and a few desirable items that will give you the best start in your studies at BGU:

Essential items

Desirable items

Warm clothes

Jumpers, long trousers, a coat, woolly hat, gloves, and a scarf.

A laptop and charger

Most UK university students use a personal laptop every day. Your laptop should have a microphone, a camera, and some speakers. Watch this video from our IT department, to find out what type of laptop would suit your studies at BGU. Click here for more information, including links to some of our software.

Comfortable, flat shoes

For walking from accommodation to campus, and up Lincoln’s Steep Hill.

A bank card suitable for use in the UK

You may find it easier opening an international bank account at home before travelling. That way, you can use your bank card immediately upon arrival in the UK and avoid having to carry large amounts of cash for the first few weeks.

Toiletries and personal medicine

Make sure you carry sufficient quantities with you for your first few days (until you can reach a supermarket/chemist to buy replacement items).

Bedding and towels

Bedding and towels are not provided in student accommodation or private accommodation. Instead, students should bring or buy their own bedding (sheets, duvet, and pillows) and towels (for the bathroom and the kitchen). Click here to pre-order your bedding and towels from our friends at UniKitOut.

A good-sized rucksack/bag

For carrying your Library books and stationery.

Your mobile phone and charger

Basic kitchen items

Kitchen items (e.g., plates, cutlery, pans) are not provided in student accommodation or private accommodation but you will need them for your first meal. You can pre-order these basic items from our friends at UniKitOut.

A notebook and a few pens

Some cash in UK pounds sterling

If your bank card does not function in the UK, you will need to pay in cash for any shopping, including groceries, until you have secured a UK bank account. We recommend bringing at least two months’ worth of cash to cover all living costs.

An adapter plug for your electrical devices

Electrical sockets in the UK are suitable for three-pin plugs. To charge your mobile phone, you will need an adapter plug, converting your home plug to a UK three-pin plug.

A set of headphones

For use with a mobile phone and computer/laptop. You will find these essential for helping you listen to any online lectures/watching educational videos.

uni kit out

Our partners at UniKitOut

Here at BGU, we realise that moving to a different country to study is an exciting but sometimes stressful experience. After you have travelled from your home to BGU, we know that you will want to find your accommodation, take a shower, eat some food, and relax after a long day of travelling with heavy suitcases. So, why not take the hassle out of buying and transporting your bulky bedding and kitchen items by pre-ordering from our friends at UniKitOut?

UniKitOut is a company who specialise in putting together essential items for students starting at University in the UK. They know what you will need. You can even add international plug adaptors to your order too! All you need to do is click here to visit UniKitOut, choose the items you want, select your accommodation address, then confirm and pay for your goods. The pack will then be pre-delivered directly to your accommodation, so it is there ready and waiting for you when you arrive. Easy! You can choose from a range of essential items with bedding packs (set of sheets, duvet and pillow) starting from just £55 each.

What’s more, as a student arriving at BGU, you can save 10% off your order – just enter promotional code: BISHOPG10 at the checkout!