Covid Protocol for Staff

If you are a member of staff and have tested positive for Covid, please take the following steps:

  1. Inform your Line Manager or HR.
  2. Do not come to work.
  3. Work from home if you are able to.
  4. You can test 5 days after diagnosis to confirm if you still have Covid.
  5. After 2 negative tests, on consecutive days, from day 5 you can return to work.
  6. If you are still positive on day 10 contact the HSO who will inform you what to do next.

Message if you have any further questions.

5 simple things to remember


Hands – wash or sanitise your hands regularly

  • wash hands for at least twenty seconds with soap and warm water and avoid touching your face


Face – consider wearing a face covering

  • consider wearing a face covering should you feel it is necessary
  • Face coverings are available on-campus at CELT and the Library



Covid Test Kits (LFD) are still available from the HSO upon signing of a disclaimer.



Tell – let your line manager or the HR department know.



Vaccinate - Vaccinate when advised.

    I've had my COVID vaccination