Hi future teachers! If, like me, you are a trainee teacher and are starting your first placement or thinking of doing teacher training let me walk you through what it's like...

I remember being accepted on my course here at BGU and being so excited for my placements to start but, at the same time so scared. Placements here at BGU happen each academic year for the undergraduate degree and vary in length. So, for example, second year consists of two placements one being a two-week school experience and the second a seven-week developing placement. Although they sound scary, they really aren't! You're supported throughout with both a mentor at your school and one from uni. These mentors are here to help you every step of the way and ensure that you complete and pass your placements.

What are they like?

You get your placements around two weeks before you are due to start and, in my opinion, the most nerve-racking part is phoning the placement school to introduce yourself!

As the placement begins it can be terrifying especially if you are the only trainee at that school however, as you move through the weeks, it gets so much more comfortable and by the end you don't want to leave. When I was in first year, I had a huge fear of being chucked straight in the deep end with no support. I can safely say this is not the case. Although you may be asked to do things you don't feel entirely prepared for, you are never on your own or made to do anything you don't feel comfortable with. I remember the first time I was allowed to do the register and was so scared but now it’s something so exciting and helps build your teacher confidence. As you move through the weeks, your own teaching builds and builds along with your confidence.

An amazing thing about placements is that you have creative freedom to make your own resources for some of your lessons especially in EYFS. I am a future Early years practitioner and the ability to make my own resources and displays in the school is something so special and makes you feel confident in your training. Whilst all placements differ, they are an experience that help shape you and the teacher you will become so although they sound scary remember to breathe, remember your lunch, and remember you've got this!

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