‘Student Orator’ is the term given to the graduate who makes the closing speech at their graduation ceremony. It is a fantastic opportunity to provide a unique contribution to your graduation and make the day memorable for graduates and their guests. As well as being an unforgettable experience for the Orator, it is also an excellent opportunity to enhance your CV.

We will appoint one Student Orator for each Graduation Ceremony (4 Student Orators in total) and if successful, you would be speaking at your graduation ceremony on behalf of your cohort of students. Please note: if you have applied before, you will still have to apply again.

Your speech should last for around 3 minutes and be between 200-250 words. To assist you, we have included the following guidance:

  • Your speech should be positive and uplifting.
  • Reflect on your time at University as well as talking about the graduation day and hopes for the future.
  • Do not be too specific to your course or subject area – you may be speaking on behalf of graduates from different academic programmes as well as your own.
  • Perhaps mention how University life has benefitted you as a person, and students generally.
  • It is fine to acknowledge the importance of the support given by staff, family and friends, but do not include person thanks or mention staff/friends by name.
  • You are welcome to include anecdotes of your time at University as long as the story is meaningful to the whole cohort (and suitable for the audience).
  • Note that you will give the speech at the end of the ceremony, so you can refer to ‘graduation’ in the past tense.

Student Orators will be awarded a gift from our official gown hire company, Ede and Ravenscroft, in recognition of your contribution to the ceremony.

In order to apply to become one of the Student Orators for your graduating cohort, please download and complete the Student Orator Application Form from this page and return it to graduation@bishopg.ac.uk by the close of play on Friday 19 May 2023. If successful, confirmation will be sent to you via email by Thursday 08 June 2023.

If you have any questions about the role of Student Orator, please contact the Graduation Office via email at graduation@bishopg.ac.uk. If you would like some inspiration or you would like to watch one of our previous Student Orators, have a look at the video clip below.

Application Form

2022 Student Orators