Volunteering can be an excellent way to further your studies and enhance your career prospects. Here at BGU, we offer a wide range of rewarding opportunities for you locally, nationally or internationally.

Student volunteers make an important contribution to the work of voluntary organisations ranging from small community groups to national charities, as well as to public sector bodies such as schools, prisons and hospitals. Volunteer-involving organisations place great value on higher education students and see universities as valuable sources of talent, time and enthusiasm. Students are highly valued as volunteers by organisations and are sought out for specific skills, knowledge and expertise as well as being valued for their youth and enthusiasm.

To compete effectively in the current economic climate, and to enhance your employability, it’s crucial that you can provide evidence to employers of the transferable skills you possess, many of which can be gained as a volunteer whilst also improving the lives of others.

Higher education has always been about much more than simply getting a degree. Universities have a vital role to play in supporting social, intellectual and cultural life in the UK through their engagement with the public. Many of the lessons picked up during student life continue to surface in later life.

Jon Snow
Journalist and TV, News Presenter

Our BG Futures team have contacts with reliable organisations such as Voluntary Centre Services, the County Council and the NHS where you can find a rewarding and mutually beneficial environment. You will be able to volunteer with confidence, gaining and expanding your skills and knowledge whilst also making an invaluable difference to the lives of others. All volunteer placements both in the UK and abroad might be eligible for additional funding with the BG Foundation Fund.

If you are interested in volunteering and making a difference in a local or overseas community, please email Mark Bowen via bgfutures@bishopg.ac.uk or come and see us in the Hardy Building on campus if you have any questions or require further help.