Hi, I am Thomas Stephen, I am in my first year of studying Maths and Education Studies. Personally I really struggle when writing pieces about myself, so I sought out many avenues of help when writing my personal statement, here are a few Important points:

· 4000 characters may seem like too many to write about yourself, but it isn’t a goal it’s a limit so don’t feel the need to fill to the character limit, you have some leeway in the total count.

· What you write matters! It has to be relevant to you, and it has to stand out. The person reading your personal statement is going to be reading potentially hundreds or thousands of these back to back. Make sure yours stands out from the rest

· If you’re applying for one course to many universities you can specialise your Personal Statement to explain why you want to take that course, and how you are the best possible person for the job

· Universities want to make sure that you are going to stay for the full length of your course so you should show that you’re able to stick around

· Your teachers are one of your most valuable resources, they have to write your reference which goes along with your statement, so find out who is writing your reference and speak to them about what to include, and maybe even coordinate so what you write about they don’t and vice versa so you can cover as much as possible.

· Going on even further from that show them your statement and let them read through it they can provide feedback before it is sent off making sure it is the best it could be, they could even remind you of things you have done that you could include and others you could expand upon.

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