Rebecca Fielden

Rebecca Fielden teaches on Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes in Special Educational Needs Disabilities and Inclusion (SENDI) at BGU. She teaches on a wide variety of modules drawing upon her knowledge, understanding and extensive experience of SENDI. She joined BGU in January 2023, having previously taught and led in mainstream and alternative educational settings. She originally trained as a teacher in Special Educational Needs and English, with a focus on the secondary age range, beginning her career teaching in a mainstream secondary school in London. She has held posts in Brighton and Lincolnshire as a Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDCo), in both mainstream and alternative settings, and went on to hold a senior leadership position, being responsible for Inclusion, SEND and Safeguarding in a mainstream secondary school. During this time, Rebecca trained teachers and educational support staff in issues around SENDI, supporting the learning of the communities she taught in. Rebecca completed her Masters in Special Educational Needs and Inclusion at the Institute of Education, UCL, with a particular focus on teacher attitudes to inclusion. Her current research interests centre around pedagogical approaches in Alternative Provision settings, with a specific focus on children and young people who experience ‘Emotionally-based School Avoidance’, and she is currently working on her PhD in this area.