Lianxin (Megan) Li

With a foundation in English Education Studies obtained during her undergraduate degree in China, Megan pursued an MA in TESOL with Education at Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU). Building upon this, she furthered my academic journey with a PhD in Education at BGU, awarded by the university of Leicester. Concurrently, she worked as an associate lecturer in BGU’s TESOL department. Her professional trajectory at BGU began as a guest speaker, where she shared insights into research methodology with MA students. Her teaching focused on First Language Acquisition, Second Language Acquisition and TESOL in practice.

Megan's PhD research centred on motivation and needs satisfaction in the context of learning languages other than English at Chinese universities. She applied the Self-determination Theory in the thesis, a comprehensive motivational framework rooted in psychology. Her research interests primarily include Language Other than English (LOTE) teaching and learning, positive psychology in language acquisition and more general topics associated with SDT and education.

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