Dr Joanna Wilson-Scott, FHEA

Joanna Wilson-Scott is a Visiting Lecturer in English at Bishop Grosseteste University, having joined the department in January 2019. She obtained her PhD with scholarship from the University of Leicester in 2018, after which she was awarded a postdoctoral visiting research fellowship at the Rothermere American Institute at the University of Oxford.

Joanna is a specialist in twentieth- and twenty-first-century literature with a particular focus on Australian and American novels. Her current research, which was awarded the VRF at the RAI, is on the lived experiences and domestic effects of climate change, exploring solastalgia, perforated landscapes, and the loss of the home, and she has presented aspects of this research at the University of Tasmania in Australia, Turku University in Finland, and the University of Nottingham, with papers forthcoming at conferences at Ghent University and Loughborough University.

As the staff editor of The Leonid, BGU's annual creative writing and visual arts anthology, Joanna encourages current staff and students to look out for calls for submissions or get in touch with the editors at theleonid@bishopg.ac.uk

Joanna teaches on the following modules:

ENG408: The Literary Globe

ENG507: Becomings: Women and Writing

ENG508: English@Work

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