Andy Dickenson

Andy Dickenson joined BGU in 2015 as a Senior Lecturer after many years as a visiting tutor at the university. Andy has worked as a class teacher, ICT coordinator and advisor for a local authority, teaching in classrooms from nursery, all the way up to secondary level. He has lectured in universities and schools across the globe, including co-authoring the computing curriculum for the Saudi Arabian education ministry. Andy has also worked as part of the education team for Lego After-School clubs in the Far East and Lego Education’s robotics program.

Andy’s doctoral research is linked to children’s literature, examining the macabre and Gothic nature of illustrated books.


Andy mainly works as part of the TD undergraduate team, but he also supports other courses across different schools at the university. He is joint lead for the Critical Thinking modules, Computing and eSafety, as well as being a member of the Mental Health and Wellbeing curriculum group. Andy is also part of the Research and Knowledge Exchange Unit, Literature and Literacies Group (RKEULiLi) at the university, which links to his interest in children's illustrated literature and graphic novels.

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