The Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi-Academy Trust as a Lead Partner.


The Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi-Academy Trust acts as a Lead Partner with Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU).

"Our aim is to provide the very best Catholic education for all in our community and so improve life chances through spiritual, academic and social development."

The Trust works in partnership with BGU to deliver our Initial Teacher Education ITE programme. BGU provides teacher training opportunities in Primary, Secondary and Special Education in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. Our well-established programme of ITE provides trainees the opportunity to gain a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) - as well as masters credits in Primary, Secondary and special teaching.
Applicants who apply to Our Lady of Lourdes will be able to choose the school that they train at in their Trust. Please visit here for a list of their schools.


This partnership is founded on the principle of collaboration and an absolute belief that by working together we can improve outcomes for all students in these schools.
Our Lady of Lourdes has a long record of partnership with BGU in helping to train teachers. If you choose to train with them you can expect:

• Successful trainees will obtain a PGCE and QTS by the end of the programme
• A programme that gives you four days a week in school and one day a week at University
• The chance to observe and work with outstanding teachers
• Outstanding mentoring from an experienced and trained mentor
• A programme of support sessions
• A comprehensive induction programme
• A second school placement in a contrasting school


All their primary and secondary courses are available here. If you would like support in applying or further information, please contact:

Vanessa Scott