Tip 1

Before you get ready to move into Uni, have a look at what Freshers events are on and which deals are available to ensure you save money where possible. Also, try and stay flexible with your plans - your new flatmates might have some good ideas you can join in on!

Tip 2

A good thing to remember is to take lots of photos so that you have something to remember, along with something to document the people you meet and the places you go.

Tip 3

During the daytime, there aren't as many events going on so a good idea is to spend some of the day exploring Lincoln or gathering your bearings. It may also be a good ice breaker for you and your flatmates to do this together.

Tip 4

Lastly, don't spend time stressing too much about what the year will hold or what assignments are first. Try to enjoy the week because you will only be a fresher once so take the time to take it all in and enjoy yourself!

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