Could you help to Kickstart a career?

Fully-funded support scheme – If you can offer a new role (a 6-month placement) to young people, the government will fully fund the positions, and give you an additional £1500 per person to cover any training and overheads

Working with us you can make offers of 6-month placements to employ between 1 and 29 young people. You can even go around again, and create second opportunities after 6 months for another young person in each placement role offered.

Click here to access the BGU & DWP – Kickstart Scheme details

For more information and for one of our team to contact you, please complete the enquiry form below, or for immediate help in applying - please call us now on 01522 58 39 69, or email us at

Your business may also receive a grant of up to £1500 per placement filled.

I am an existing or potential employer interested in offering one or more placements under the BGU Kickstart Scheme.

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