Many Universities across the UK have moved to online delivery of their sessions and staff are working from home, meaning you can still get in touch with Enquiries and Admissions Teams if you need anything

We’ve created this web page to highlight some of the tools available for you to use so you can continue your University research. We hope you’ll find it useful and if you’ve got any questions make sure to get in touch with us at

Useful tools

UCAS Course Search

  • This is your main tool to find information about University Courses
  • Create an account so you can add Universities and Courses to your favourites
    • You can then filter courses much easier which will make it easier for you to narrow down your choices
  • Access university websites directly
  • UCAS can offer information about Universities and Courses from all over the UK
    • This is especially useful if you want to compare one course offered by different Universities (e.g. Psychology at University of Lincoln and Psychology at BGU)
  • Most importantly of all it’s completely FREE!



Coursematch is similar in some ways to UCAS Course Search (but it’s different where it counts)

  • This app is useful if you aren’t sure where or what you want to study
  • It offers a more ‘social’ approach to finding Universities and Courses
    • You can chat to Universities in-app
    • You can chat to other potential students with similar interests to you
  • Offers useful articles with hints and tips in the app
  • You can find BGU on Coursematch by selecting the ‘Universities’ tab along the bottom of the app
  • It’s also completely FREE to use!


If you want to know more about Student Life, UniBuddy is the platform for you

  • You can talk to current students and ask any questions you have about courses
  • You can filter by students who are studying the course you are interested in
  • UniBuddy Ambassadors can also write blogs so you can read about their experiences

Speak to one of our ambassadors now!

I have loved talking to prospective students via the unibuddy app. The most common starter question I get is about my course which of course is understandable, however, since being at University for a year now, the course isn’t everything.

BGU Unibuddy Ambassador

University Websites

Why are University Websites a useful resource?

If you know which university you want to study at, have a look at their own website

  • The University can update their own website much more regularly than other platforms
  • Websites can offer the relevant contact information depending on your query
  • You can see all of the courses the institution offers – not just the ones at the top of a course search list
  • Some Universities may have a web-chat function which will let you chat directly to current students
    • In fact BGU has two web-chat systems to make sure you get exactly the information you need
      • UniBuddy – putting you in contact with our students
      • A long with a dedicated chat for admissions and offers questions
    • You can find the web-chat on our website by clicking the speech bubble in the bottom left or right corners of the screen

Grab a Prospectus


Grabbing a prospectus is a great way to learn more about a potential university and the City it is based in

  • They’re usually packed full with useful information including campus facilities and finance support
  • Many prospectuses will also have photos of the University and surrounding area
    • This could be useful if you are unable to attend an Open Day
  • There are also further details about the courses on offer
  • You can still order a prospectus while you are at home!
    • In fact by the time you’ve finished this page you’ll have been sent a digital copy of our prospectus (let’s save the trees!) to check out
    • You can get a sneak peak of what it will look like on the left

Useful links

You should now be aware of the main tools available to you so you can still complete University research at home, but here are some useful links:


  • Many Universities are still open so you can contact them for any questions
  • If you have a question about anything, ask! It’s important you get as much information as
  • Enquiries Teams should be your first contact (they can contact other members of staff/other
    departments if necessary)
  • Our Enquiries Team is working hard to make sure you have the correct information

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