Privacy Notice

The University needs to collect personal details about you, to progress your application to study and your Visa application. Access to the information will be restricted to relevant staff in our Admissions Team. Other relevant teams may request information for specific purposes – including secure sharing of some of your details with UKVI, outlined on page 4. Data will be held securely in electronic form. All processing will be carried out in accordance with Data Protection legislation and UKVI regulations. Data will not be processed for any other purposes, except if required by law to prevent or detect crime, or to safeguard any persons’ health or well-being. Your details will be held in line with our Retention Schedule, after which time they will be securely deleted. For full details as to how the University processes your personal data and your individual rights, please see our Privacy Policy here.

Terms and Conditions

  • I understand that, for a CAS to be assigned, the university needs to be satisfied that:

(a) the course or further period of study complies with the student visa regulations.

(b) my visa application is likely to be successful (and that if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting otherwise, e.g. insufficient funds are held, a CAS will not be issued).

(c) I will comply with the conditions of my student visa (e.g. in relation to any work restriction).

(d) the supporting documents I have submitted with my application are genuine and that if any documents are proven or suspected to be fraudulent, a CAS will not be issued or will be cancelled.

(e) I have not exceeded or will not exceed (by the end of my course) the maximum amount of time permitted under Student visa regulations.

(f) the course I have applied for represents academic progression from the last course I studied on a Student Visa (and that if the university does not consider that academic progression can be justified, a CAS will not be issued).

(g) where relevant, I have sufficient time to submit a student visa application, travel to the UK, and complete enrolment formalities (including payment of requisite fees) prior to the enrolment deadline.

  • I confirm that I have read and understood the financial requirements for a student visa application, and I understand that if I do not fully adhere to these guidelines my visa application is likely to be refused.
  • I understand that, under the conditions of my student visa, my attendance and progress on my course will be monitored by the university, and that if I do not attend as required, I will be reported to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) and withdrawn from the course.
  • I understand that, if I will be studying an undergraduate or postgraduate taught programme, the UKVI’s expectation is that I will secure accommodation in the Lincoln area, within proximity of my home campus. This is defined by BGU to be within a 5-mile radius of the BGU campus and I agree to live within this proximity.
  • I further understand that, should the location of my accommodation negatively impact my ability to meet the university’s attendance requirements, my visa sponsorship may be withdrawn.
  • I understand that the university reserves the right to withdraw my CAS in the event of non-compliance with the conditions of my visa or non-payment of fees, and that the university cannot be held responsible for any resulting visa refusals, loss of visa application fees, or loss of other fees as might be relevant.
  • I understand that the university cannot be held responsible if my, or my dependants’, visa applications are refused (for any reason) or returned invalid, nor for any resulting loss of visa application fees, or any other fees as might be relevant.
  • I understand that the university reserves the absolute right to discontinue sponsorship of my student visa, at any time, if it considers that continuation of sponsorship poses a risk to its Sponsor Licence.
  • I understand that, if at any time I lose my leave to remain in the UK (for example, due to a visa refusal or rejection), the university is required by law to de-register me from my course of study and reserves the right to defer my studies.
  • I give permission for all members of the university’s support service teams (including but not exhaustive to the Admissions Team, International Office, Faculty Administration Office, and Quality Office) to communicate with UKVI and the UK Police regarding any aspect of my visa application or immigration status.

If all information is correct, you hold an unconditional offer and you have paid your deposit, we aim to send your CAS within 5-7 working days. If you have answered yes to any of the questions, we may contact you to discuss the information provided in accordance with UKVI guidelines. By signing this you agree for us to share some of your details with UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) as part of your visa application

Please complete the consent required in your Enroly account to indicate you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions.