These branding guidelines have been developed to allow you to use the corporate identity of Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) correctly, ensuring a consistent and professional brand image of the University is presented at all times



The correct usage and spelling of our name is Bishop Grosseteste University. When used in print, it should firstly be written in full, followed by the abbreviation BGU in parentheses. BGU may then be used throughout the remainder of the document.


Our official street address is:

Bishop Grosseteste University
Longdales Road

Registered Charity Details

BGU is a registered charity, so all materials that are not specifically for recruitment purposes should ideally feature our charity number on them somewhere. The standard format for this is:

BGU is a registered charity (Reg. charity No. 527276)

Contact Details

Contact details should always be given to enable those viewing the documentation to get in touch with us easily to find out more. If personal or departmental details (email address and direct line telephone number) are not appropriate, you can give more general details.

There is no catch-all email address for BGU - instead an appropriate individual or departmental address should be used.

For all projects which directly relate to our courses, contact details should be:

Telephone (01522) 583658

For more general projects, the general reception phone number of (01522) 527347 may be used instead.


Our website address should feature prominently on everything we produce. The BGU website address is - there is no need to add extra slashes, dots or http:// at the beginning.

Social Media

Our official BGU social media accounts all generally have the handle @BGULincoln. Presenting the relevant social media platform logo and this handle is usually sufficient, though the full addresses of our main profiles are: