Why set-up a UK bank account?

There are many reasons to create a UK bank account, however, perhaps the most important reasons are to be able to pay your accommodation rent and receive any wages for part-time employment (most landlords/lettings agencies and employers prefer to handle payments to/from a UK bank account).

Which banks have branches on Lincoln’s High Street?

Lincoln’s pedestrianised High Street is home to many branches of the major banks and building societies in the UK, including:

Barclays Bank, 316-318 High Street, Lincoln, LN5 7DP

Halifax, Cornhill, Lincoln, LN5 7HB

HSBC, 221 High Street, Lincoln, LN1 1TS

Nationwide Building Society, 325 High Street, Lincoln, LN5 7DW

Natwest, 225 High Street, Lincoln, LN2 1AZ

Santander, Cornhill, Lincoln, LN5 7HJ

TSB Bank, 203 High Street, Lincoln, LN5 7AU

Most of these banks will offer bank accounts designed for international students.

How to create a bank account

Most banks will operate an appointment system, where students will have the opportunity to speak to an advisor at the bank about setting-up a bank account. Upon your first visit to the bank, please expect to make an appointment (which may occur on a different day).

The bank will probably ask you to bring proof of your Lincoln address and enrolment onto your course at BGU. You can request this proof from the University’s Student Portal (click on ‘’My info & tools’, then ‘Confirmation of Study’). BGU’s Faculty Admin Office will send you your Confirmation of Study, which you can show to the advisor at the bank.

For further information on bank accounts for international students, please visit some of these pages below: